White pillar candles are perfect for everything

Right now white pillar candles are $1.79 at JoAnns.Apparently they’re “Christmas” candles so they’re 70% off, but they’re just white pillars! And bonus- they smell like peppermint.

I seriously stocked up because I’ve never seen pillars for less than $3.99 (at Homegoods & TJMaxx.) I use these for everything- Spooky Halloween party? White candles. Twinkly Christmas get together? White candles.Romantic evening in? White candles.Power outage? You get the picture.
When they’re not being used for some sort of event they sit atop a ledge on a half wall in my living room. ALLL of them. And I love it. Then I saw the Novogratz doing this and I felt so reaffirmed and ahead of the curve! Woop!

So go grab some before they’re all gone! Don’t forget to download the JoAnn app- did you know they can scan your phone for coupons? No more forgetting them at home or fishing through your purse. Score!

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