We made a Bored Jar!

I’ve seen these on Pinterest in varying styles and decided to make one for Sam, my endless-energied, crazy rambunctious four year old.

Instead of a “jar” we used an acrylic cylinder that I actually bought in the bathroom accessories department of Homegoods. I like its sleek look better than a mason jar AND it won’t break if dropped because it’s not glass. Win win! You can customize this however you want, I just wrote “Bored Jar” on a tag, wrapped the “jar” in twine and wiggled the top of the tag underneath the twine to secure.

I got Sam involved and asked him for tips on what to put on the sticks. His input was limited to “eat pretzels” so I also took to good ol’ Pinterest for ideas as well. Obviously you’ll want to make them age-appropriate. Sam is only four so I added “in the backyard” to a few of them.

Here is our finished Bored Jar modeling in front of our big letter “Y”. Va Va Vooom! 😉

Here are some of the things we put on Sam’s sticks in case you need some ideas:
Practice Teeball in backyard
Play on iPad for 30 minutes
Look at HighFive magazine
Play dress-up with costumes
Do jumping jacks
Practice dribbling basketball
Have a dance party
Draw a castle
Find a rock and paint it
Eat pretzels (Sam’s choice)
Draw with chalk outside (we live in Phoenix- no snow!)
Watch 1 TV show
Draw a dinosaur
Give the dog water and a treat
Practice writing your name
Pick up toys
Build a blanket fort in your room
Take a shower
20 minutes of exercise
Play with play dough
Draw a jungle
Read with mom or dad
Interview someone
Draw with your foot
Watch a movie
Build with blocks or Legos
Clean broken crayons out of jar
Make a holiday craft/gift
Color in coloring books
Sweep kitchen floor (hey- why not try, right?)
Draw a picture of your family
Practice adding with beans or crayons

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