Thanksgiving tablescape for $5

Have I mentioned how much I love spray paint? Seriously how else can you shop within your own home and transform something’s look for less money? For this project all you’ll need is a can of spray paint (I used gold since I will have these up for the holidays), washi tape (any width/color/style) and jars. 
 You could buy jars but I just save spaghetti sauce jars and the glassware of candles past.

Wrap your washi tape around the jars in whatever rhyme or reason you choose. Don’t stress if they’re not perfect,washi tape is easily peeled and re-stuck so paint quickly because its stickiness won’t stay as long as other tapes. 
Turn your jars upside-down before spraying to avoid any getting inside.
Here’s a shot without the “Cheers” sign I spraypainted to match. You could add candles, flowers, marbles… whatever! Spread them out or cluster them as you choose. Mix and match with other gold-accented stuff. Spraypainting small pumpkins gold would be a super cute idea too… Cheers! You’ve made a festive tablescape for the cost of a can of spraypaint ($2.99) and washi tape ($1.99) in about 10 minutes time. Can’t beat that!

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