Thanks a latte!

The awesomely amazing Jenni from RoselandFamily blog made one of these cards for me when I was one of her daughter’s pre-k teachers and I loved it so much I decided to make some as thank you cards for my baby shower attendees. (The template & instructions can be found here)Because I had an intimate amount of ladies, I just bought $5 gift cards so they could get a latte on me :)If you had a large group, this would be a cute way to thank the friend(s) who threw it for you!Or just to thank people for anything! Only requirement is that they’re a coffee drinker.
Attendees got the card above, and the three friends who pitched in to throw it for me got a little more jazzed-up version. I used a drink carrier, a clean venti frap cup, brown tissue paper, green & white bakers twine, a reusable hot drink cup and the card template.

I stuck the gift card in the venti cup on top of the crumpled tissue paper. 

I love how versatile this gift is- however you choose to do it! You could also sub the disposable venti cup for a washable plastic one they can reuse.Would be great for a teacher, a boss, a friend… anyone!Happy crafting 😀

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