Summer Color

The motivation bug hasn’t exactly been biting me lately since becoming huge, hormonal and hungry. But the other day I got a little itchin’ to make something, and knew just what would get me excited for the coming hot months… color! …And a wreath!

 Voila! Whipped this baby up by using an old straw wreath from a former project, about 1/4 a yard of fabric, scraps of kona cotton for rosettes, buttons, scissors and lace. And of course, a glue gun. Don’t start with a plan. Just choose your colors and start twisting rosettes and making other little embellishments. You’ll play around organizing them on the wreath later. I arranged them with a glue gun while watching a really embarrassing recorded show on my DVR. That embarrassingly juvenile guilty pleasure show 90210 was great distraction while I twisted and twisted those rosettes. If you don’t know how to make them, you can google it for a bunch of tutorials. I will probably post one on here eventually too. Don’t mind the strawberry… future little project idea I was trying on while my supplies were out.
I think it’s a happy little addition to our drab Home Owners Association brown- shades-only- approved door 🙂 
 Inside the house, I stacked some cheerful books in a pile for a punch of color.

 A fun heart bowl from the Target dollar bin (in February) filled with Starbursts on a fabuloussss leopard tray (TJMaxx) add a sweet splash of color to our dining table.
Oh yeah, It’s been 95 degrees here in Phoenix! Sending out some warmth to my fam in Michigan and any of you in colder states! 

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