Splatter paint art

All of the pieces above were made by me and not because I fancy myself an artist, but because I needed wall space filled and didn’t want to shell out tons on a painting while I looked for something permanent. Splatter paint art is super easy and a fun way to add character to a wall whether temporary or not.

Original art can be expensive, but canvases aren’t! When on sale, you can score a huge stretched canvas from JoAnns or Michaels for $20-$25! Add to it some splatters and vóila- easy art that takes no real talent or time! Woop! I’ve since replaced some of these with mirrors or gallery walls but they sort of move about my house as things transition.

Keep in mind splatter paint is messy so it’s best to do outside on a large canvas, or in a box as the small framed black paint splatters were done. For small prints, lay a piece of white cardboard at the bottom of a box and splatter within it. Super easy and mess-free. Once dry, matte and frame.
For large pieces, use a canvas, tarp or a material you don’t mind being ruined. The best paint for splattering is home interior paint, not craft or acrylic paint which tends to be too thick. Buy the sample size! The black splatter print above was made with a Valspar sample container like the one below and it worked great. Valspar’s samples are a more generous size than other sample containers I’ve seen. I used a large painting brush and just flung paint on the canvas.

Stock up on canvases when they’re on sale- you never know when the mood will strike 🙂

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