Sewing vinyl…with tissue paper?

 So I found myself attempting to sew vinyl after seeing it online and thinking “whaaaaa? I could make clear pouches!” Plus it’s really inexpensive. Like $3 a yard inexpensive. My first attempt with it was when I made these unforgettable business cards, but then I thought I’d embark on making a pouch. Hilarity and frustration ensued…

See all that tissue paper? Yeah. Vinyl is sticky. And the only way I could get it to slide nicely along was to layer on tissue paper. Am I missing something here? There has got to be a less crazy way to sew vinyl!

I couldn’t get the vinyl to stop sticking to everything. The machine, the sewing foot and itself although that didn’t pose a problem. But when your sewing foot (for beginners, the metal thingy in the top photo) won’t side easily along like it does on fabric, you end up with an unclean seam that looks quite herky-jerky. Thank God for tissue paper.
After the seams were all sewn and it looked like I made a toilet paper pouch, the tissue paper rips easily off at the perforated (sewn) lines. Just tear it off.

Now, this is just my back alley way of stitching vinyl because I refused to stop hallway through and was desperate for a clean stitch. But there are probably normal, more efficient ways to sew this stuff. All tips are welcome in the comments! But if you’re suddenly eager to sew some sticky plastic material and happen to have a tissue paper arsenal in your house like I do, here’s a work-around cheat-sheet for sewing this stuff 🙂

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