Sam’s Room

With the new baby girl on the way and all the prepping we’ve been doing to get her room ready, it was important for us to minimize dethronement as much as possible with Sam, who’s just turned four. To make him excited about all the new changes and all the room switch-a-roos, we did a big boy room for him. Here it is…


 Kurt Cobain painting was found at a dumpster by a lady who didn’t know he was and didn’t want it. I paid her $5 for it. There is no signature and I love the mystery behind it. The Batman is a vintage toy that belonged to Daniel when he was little. 
 Vintage globe is from Modern Manor and the bookshelf is a Goodwill find. Metal fold-up crate was $10 from a vintage market. Currently it’s holding board games.
 Old school desk & chair I found at MsFunkyJunk, a cool vintage store in Phoenix. 
 Who says kid stuff like crayons can’t be stored beautifully? I appreciate presentation in the little details and I hope Sam will too.
Letter S was from old signage that said “TOOLS” It was $10 from Modern Manor, one of my favorite places in Phoenix to discover ornate, high-end thrifted finds. 
 Light-up “Open 24 Hours” sign doubles as a nightlight.

I started with the plan of doing grays and yellows and the whole superhero thing sort of took shape on it’s own. Sam is obsessed with them lately (pictured here with a cape I made him!) so the little touches add fun without going all-out theme crazy. The splashes of red were also a happy accident, as I found the S, then that lamp, and finally the light-up sign. 

Because our bedrooms are pretty small, toys are kept in rubber bins and clear storage boxes in the closet in order to keep the space open and clean, and suitable for play.
We’re still in the process of redoing the office and getting baby girl’s room ready so it’s been busy around here for sure. But hey, that’s the fun of it all!

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