Rainbow bookshelf revamp

If you know me, you know I love a colorful bookshelf. I revamped ours and I think it looks pretty fresh!
(Excuse the lack of curtains!)
The first thing I do when I get a new book is take the jacket off and see what color the binding is. I think books look so much better naked (yeow!) and sometimes (like in decor books) you’ll find a cool design or artwork hiding underneath the jacket.
Here are some shots of it before. The books were all vertical and all colors were next to each other instead of in groupings.

There are lots of variations… you really can’t go wrong. But grouping your books by color adds a thoughtful pop to a room and looks more inspired than just shoving them any ol’ where! It would be cute to do this by room, or by book type too. What’s your favorite colored book to decorate with? I gotta go with hot pink here… So fun!

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