Ever used it? This is the “dream house” layout I made. 
My whole “black and white” obsession was birthed from two major realizations:1. It’s super chic and timeless2. I have color ADD
In the past, I had tried every color scheme imaginable: gray & yellow, eggplant & olive, pink and white, blue & fuchsia, tan and white, aqua and tan, and “color randomosity” which basically looked like an ice cream truck exploded in my living room. The only thing that stayed consistent was my inability to stay interested. When it comes to color I’m like a kid in a candy store who can’t stop dipping their hand in every jar. I can’t get enough color.So to allow myself creative color freedom I needed a neutral palate. And because I’m way too dramatic for shabby-chic, tan, gray and white weren’t going to work.Enter Black and white!I love the intensity of it, and it allows me to add whatever pops of color I choose -even if on a whim- because everything matches B&W.
If you’ve never used Ployvore Try it out 🙂

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