Office desk rearrange

When I bought my West Elm Parsons desk (a splurge item) I was currently using a long white Ikea desk that had remained in the room as a collect-all for current projects I was working on. The Parsons was against a wall, and I planned on moving the Ikea desk out once I got up the energy to take it apart. Then the other day I got a random urge to start rearranging the office and for kicks, put the Parsons up against the Ikea to form a corner desk. It completely transformed the energy and productivity of the room! I love how the drawers open perfectly between the legs of the Parsons as a sort of hidden storage, and though the Parsons is about 1.5″ higher than the Ikea, it does’t interrupt the flow.

Framed printables line the long Ikea desk along with a hot pink & gold kate spade card I got with a journal I had purchased, an Urban Outfitters card that says “Amoré Forever” which I framed and a piece of paper on which Sam had written “Lauren Ashby” after copying it off a pizza box receipt.

I really believe in Feng Shui not so much  in the sense of having things or rooms in certain corners of the house, but moreso the belief that a room has good and bad energy flow depending on how it’s set up. It’s important to know which way makes you feel most productive and for me, I like to face the door. There’s something weird to me about people looming or standing behind me when I’m working. I feel like they’re looking over my shoulder. If you’re the type who while working on your laptop at say- Barnes & Noble or Starbucks, have to have your back to a wall, you’re probably this type too. So for me, sitting facing a wall with my back to the room just felt strange.

Glass candleholder doubles as hilighter holder.

Instead of pen cups I used acrylic toiletry-holders I found in the bathroom section of Homegoods. Acrylic can sometimes be pricey, so think outside the box when sourcing it. These were $9.99 as bathroom organizers but probably would have been much more expensive if sold as office supplies.

The opposite wall will eventually display a bookcase or hopefully an etagére, but for now there’s just a self-made splatter painting that has moved about my home as empty walls have needed it. I also plan to paint this room a soft gray.
The closet is a whole working system of its own, holding lots of materials in storage bins and boxes galore. More on that later!

So, do you believe in Feng Shui? Do you think the flow of a room can change it’s productivity? Which kind of office setup do you work best in?

Ikea Desk $62.50 // West Elm Parsons desk in Glossy White $349 (more affordable version here // Metal side table $69 Homegoods // Silver desk lamp $29 Homegoods // Silver skull $8 Michaels (Halloween time) Sidenote: I’ve seen this skull on Houzz for $29.95 and its EXACTLY like my $8 one from Michaels. Holla! // Orange & Fuchsia throw pillow on chair: made by me // Acrylic Ghost Chair $129 Homegoods // Wooden “hello” sign $7 SayHello // White frames collected over time, most purchased at Target on sale // Mint metal filing bin $10 on sale Urban Outfitters // Pink & Red 7’x9′ rug $15 on sale Plum & Bow for Urban Outfitters // Acrylic bathroom storage-turned pen holders $9.99 Homegoods // Leather studded chair behind desk $99 Homegoods // White geometric cups on desk $2.99 Target // Glass jar holding hilighters (candleholder) $5.99 Target // Framed art either gifted or free printables // Mint ampersand Michaels (spray painted in Krylon Catalina Mist.) // Hot pink nailhead cork board $2 Goodwill revamp by me // Books on table: Design Sponge & Home by Novogratz.

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