My Erin Condren Planner

Holy organization.I have to share with you my new planner from Erin Condren. I love it so much I ended up ordering an address book from her too (how crazy is it that you can’t find an actual paper address book anywhere anymore- I seriously searched like 12 Targets and other stores to no avail.) There are so many things I love about this planner, but first, let’s take a look… The cover is laminated plastic which I really like because we ladies know how mangled things can get in our purses! This will stay clean and wipeable, which moms will really like. 
 I’m a sucker for great packaging. And pink. HOT PINK.

 Cutest idea ever: event stickers with faces on them. It’s a $5 upgrade, but so worth it I think. I mean, how excited would your littles get to see their face on their soccer game date, or birthday? I did Sam, Lola, Sam&Lola, Danny, me and Danny&Me.
 There are future year calendars for reference and a useful bookmarked (also laminated!) to keep your place.
 There’s a zip pocket to hold pens, paper, whatever. And you can also order a pen holder (another $5 upgrade) if you don’t want to use the pouch.

 Event Stickers to color up your dates!
 Important emergency contacts
Month at a glance pages… 
 Inspirational quotes throughout…
Each day is split up into morning, day and night- an organizer’s dream.  
…And some pages to help you achieve most awesome friend status. 

The bottom of each page has a space for recording things like meal plans, exercise, to-do’s, and random thoughts.
The best part about this planner in my opinion is that you can choose when it starts. So even though I ordered mine in August, I don’t have a start date until January 2014 because I wanted a 12 month book that I could renew each year and keep as a family keepsake. 
The planners are also fully customizable- you can have pictures on the cover, and customize what you want it to say. For 2014 I went with just my name, but I debated between that or having it say “The Ashby’s” or “House of Ashby”… the options are endless.
Hop over to and get yours! 

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