Make a necklace display

I needed a way to display my necklaces so that I had easy access to all of them when accessorizing my next day’s work outfit. The usual necklace displays I found were delicate and wouldn’t support my love of big, heavy, chunky pieces. Solution? A curtain rod!The curtain rod is the perfect thickness to support the weight, and they come in an array of finishes so I was able to choose one that went with the room. I used shower curtain hooks for their “S” shape and I found these (along with the curtain rod) at Target. The whole thing was super cheap to do, and is really really functional! It also adds an unexpected little pop of color to the wall. Now, if you’re living in this era you most likely have a walk-in closet that could easily house this little creation… I however, do not have a walk-in (I know! Ridiculous) so I just hung mine next to my closet on a bedroom wall.
So what do you think? Would this project work for your jewelry?

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