Make Galentine’s Day Invitations!

If you watch Parks & Recreation on ABC “Galentine’s Day” is nothing new to you! If you don’t, seriously Netflix that show TONIGHT. Best. Show. Ever!Anyway, I fell in love with the idea to do Galentine’s Day when I first saw it on P&R and decided to make fun, sassy little invites for next to nothing. My version is a little sassy, but you could tone yours down if you don’t want to use mine!
I had all the materials on hand except the invites, which I made on and had printed at for $1.28. I made 15 invites.

(This is a cropped version- I cropped off the address and my phone number for RSVP texts)

Hole punch or heart hole-punch
Baker’s twine in pink and/or red
Printer and cardstock for printing little tags
Kiss stamp (heart would be cute too!) and ink pad in pink or red

First I printed off these little quotes from the internet. You can find these little sayings everywhere, I just printed some out on Microsoft Word a bunch of times on a page and cut them into tags.
Then I dug out an old lips stamp I had and stamped the “tags” with a smooch!
I used a heart-shaped hole-punch for the twine and used pink & red bakers twine to attach them to the card with a bow and that was it!

Feel free to use the template I created; just select “Design” on the homepage (4×6) and choose white for the color. Then select the butterfly icon at left, and choose “Your Own” from the top. Upload my invite to Picmonkey and just add your information to the bottom. Play around with it!

Most importantly, make sure your favorite girls know you appreciate them! It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our relationships and marriages and let friendships fall by the wayside. Galentine’s Day is all about friends and being thankful for the sistas in your life.

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