Make a baby crinkle buddy

Okay I made the name up, but honestly that’s exactly what it is.
I made this for my 6 month old daughter, Lola. It is a soft plush toy with arms//sunrays//tenticles// whatever you want to call them, all around it. I’ll call them arms. Inside those arms is crinkle foil and cut up baby wipe packs, both offering a completely different crinkle.

I used Pampers but had my Kirklands kind been empty I’d have thrown that in there too- they have a great crinkle sound to them. The craft foil I got at Michaels in the wrapping department. It just said “foil” so you may want to test it out for its crickle-sound.

If you want to make one for your baby (or give as a gift!) here’s how to make one. These are really easy and can be modified a million different ways so get creative! I’ve made a few and they’re all different.

Materials: scissors// fabric scraps// soft fabric for body (such as jersey knit or minky)// Polyfill stuffing// chopstick// crinkle material: craft foil, baby wipes containers, plastic bag, etc// sewing machine.
Optional Materials: felt for eyes// elastics// lace trim// ribbon// rickrack.

Sew your arms by placing scrap fabric right-sides together. Sew 3 sides so that top is open. Trim around sewn line and turn right-side out so you have a little pocket like above. Use the chopstick to help turn skinny arms right-side out. Stuff your crinkle material inside. Repeat for as many arms as you have. You may choose to leave some arms empty for baby to teethe//suck on.

Cut out your body shape. This can be a circle, square, rectangle or whatever you choose. If you’re going to add a face, do that now on one of your body pieces. I wouldn’t use buttons for eyes since this is for a baby. Instead, I securely sewed on felt and fabric eyes.

Now you’re going to sandwich both sides of the body with the arms inside. Leave raw edges facing out, so that as you sew around the perimeter you sew together the body and arms, like above. You can pin them in place if it gets too crazy in there, but it will be tougher turning it afterward. Leave open a small area large enough for your hand to fit- this is for turning right-side out and stuffing. 

Now it should look like this. See how the raw sides of the arms are sticking out? My opening is at the top right, where that empty space is. Now is a good time to inspect your stitching. Turn the piece over and make sure all sides and arms are sewn down. Fabric can shift as you sew (especially jersey) so some areas may not be sewn down properly. If not, re-sew over those areas. You’re still working inside-out so don’t worry about it looking messy- it won’t! If you added hair elastics like I did, you may want to sew over those and couple times to really secure them in since baby may be pulling on this part.

Now that everything is stitched down securely, turn right-side out. Stuff body with Polyfill. You now need to sew down your opening so turn your fabric inward about half an inch. You never want raw edges exposed when sewing- so whenever sewing right-side out you always want to fold inward. You can add another arm here too if you’re feeling sassy. You can hand-sew the opening closed but using a machine is fine too, and quicker. Just push the polyfill down away from where you’re stitching to make it easier. You can smoosh and rub the polyfill back into place after its sewn up.

Here is what the stitch looks like. Not to bad, and not noticeable.

Here’s the finished product of another one I made using regular fabric for the body and getting creative with the mouth. The eyes are fabric and felt sewed down. In addition to fabric full of crinkle, I also used lace and rickrack.

Here’s Lola with hers. I like this one best because jersey knit is so soft and there are lots for her to play with: hair elastics, ribbon, rickrack, empty arms and crinkly arms. I added my current favorite kids fabric to the body, which you can get in pouch form in my shop.

This is a sweet little gift for a baby, whether your own or another. It keeps Lola busy for a long period of time and what mom can’t use that!? Have fun with this project- it’s easy and cheap. Most crafters would have these materials laying around. All I had to buy was the foil, but you could get by using just bags and wrappers. Let me know if you make one! And please link back here if you do!

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