Inspiration on the cheap!

How fun are these books?! I love design books because besides the fact that they’re teeming with ideas and inspiration, they’re usually creatively-designed themselves and look really great out on display. Double score!The downfall is design books can be expensive. They’re usually thick and full of full-color pages, making them upwards of $30 a pop. Enter: AMAZON.COM!!!

There are a couple places I get my design books. Amazon is awesome because they’re so marked down and you have the option of purchasing used. I often go for the latter,  because I’ve never had a bad experience with a used order. Another place is JoAnn Etc (yes, the craft store) because they have a good selection of creatively-inspiring books and they send out coupon mailers. If you sign up to receive mail coupons there are 50% off ones monthly. They also have a teacher card you can get if you’re an educator (even a homeschooler!) and that knocks off another 15%. Now you’re down to 65% off your book. I got “Decorate” and “I Brake for Garage Sales” there on the cheap!I’d wanted “Downtown Chic” since falling in love with the Novogratz family (and design duo with SEVEN kids) on their TV show. I love their unique aesthetic that pairs thrifted items with high-end art and unique mismatched pieces. Their book was expensive at the stores, so I ordered it off Amazon. I also got “Room for Children” and “Young House Love” off Amazon. (The white book on the bottom was also Amazon, but that one’s a photography book.)
But that’s books.Where do you go for the home stuff? Curtains, rugs, desks, etc? and! I’m talkin’ DEALS y’all. I always check these sites before I hit the stores because the free shipping appeals to my lazy nature (all I have to do is walk to my porch!?) and the deals are often better than using coupons at bricks & mortar stores. 
Where do you go for deals? Do you have a secret place? 

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