How to sew Christmas stockings

They’re really easy, promise! A really good project for someone just learning to sew, or who wants to!Let’s get started!What you’ll need: Exterior fabric (enough for the front and back of your stocking size)Interior fabric (enough for the front and back of your stocking size)Optional top coordinating fabric in any thickness you likeInterfacing or felt for paddingAbout 4 inches of ribbon or rick rackFabric strip for ruffle and matching thread (optional)
 You can use a template or just freehand your own, but if you’re making multiple stockings you’ll want to use a template so they match. Cut out the shape of your stocking on your exterior fabric and interior fabric. I just used white for the interior. If you want a top coordinating stripe, just trace the top of the template on a different fabric. On the ones above, I added a silk ruffle, which I will show how to make later in this tutorial.
You’ll want there to be some weight and padding to the stockings. I used felt by the yard. 
Lay your exterior fabrics on top of the felt. 
Lay your top coordinating fabric on top of the exterior so you know where to sew.
Pull it down and sew a straight line across the bottom. 

Now fold it back the right way. See? No stitch showing. 
Now lay your interior fabrics on top of one another. 
Stitch around the edges leaving a 1/4 an inch seam allowance, which is about the size shown in the photo above. 
Leave an area unstitched. This is where you’ll turn the stocking inside out later. I’ve marked this off in purple. 
Now stitch around the whole exterior fabrics 1/4 an inch seam allowance, still right sides together.  
You’ll want something you can hang it by. I used rick rack (above) and simple ribbon for the girls’ ones. 
Now you’re going to slide the sewn interior into the exterior. The exterior should still be inside out with right sides together.
 Make a loop with the rick rack or ribbon and tuck it in along the spine of the stocking, between the interior liner and exterior fabric, loop downward. 
Now slide this part off your sewing machine (I use a Singer Curvy) so that you can slide the stocking onto the machine and sew around the mouth of it. 
Sew all the way around, using 1/4 to 1/2 an inch seam allowance.  
When you’re done, check to make sure all layers are sewn down. As you can see here, I re-went over some areas there my stitching didn’t catch the interior liner (upper right of photo.)

Now pull liner out so it looks like this. 
 Remember that hole you left in the liner? Reach in there now and turn the whole stocking right side out. Stitch up the open hole. 
Tuck liner inside and iron flat. Your’e done! 
You can do a topstitch around the top if you like the look of one, but I didn’t for these.  
Now for a ruffled stocking. You’re going to do every step the same, except after you sew down the top coordinating fabric you’re going to sew a ruffle below it. You’ll want to have thread in a color that matches your ruffle fabric. For mine, I used polka dotted silk I had laying around.

 Sewing ruffles is really easy. Normally you would tuck the ends under and sew them down to prevent fraying, but I liked the look of fray and wanted a wider ruffle, so I left the raw edges as-is.
To sew a ruffle, begin your stitch as normal but every 1/4 an inch or so stop your machine and cinch the fabric up under the sewing foot so that it sews over gathered fabric instead of flat fabric.

Repeat on other side of ruffle and you’re done!Now you have ruffled stockings!
Here they are completed. I make these four in about an hour. Once you get all your pieces cut you’re good to go. I wish I had a stocking template for you- I used one I had printed off the internet forever ago and don’t remember where I got it. But you could Google it- there are tons out there, or just freehand it! You can’t mess this project up. It really is very easy 🙂
Sam and Danny’s are on the left and Lola and I have our girlie ones with matching pink ruffle 🙂

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