How to make your own throw pillows {and save major $}

Throw pillows can average between $12.99- $49.99 but a yard of fabric averages about $10 and guess what? You can make 2-4 pillows with 1 yard of fabric. And they’re so easy to make! Seriously if you’ve always wanted to try sewing, this is the project to get you started!To make pillows like the ones above…Here’s what we’ll need:FabricPillow form or old ugly pillowSewing machineThread Zipper (optional)
I used both pillow forms (JoAnn Craft Store) and old pillows I was no longer using. First let’s make a pillow without a zipper. This is the easiest thing ever, it’s literally 4 straight lines.
Measure your pillow or form and add about 1.5 inches to the diameter. This will give you good wiggle room if you need to adjust the size. Cut your fabric. For reversible pillows, use a different print on each side.
After you’ve cut your fabric place both right sides together and sew around three sides, leaving one open to insert pillow in. The open side will be the bottom of the pillow so be mindful of your fabric pattern.
Slide pillow in to make sure it fits. If so, turn case right side out, place pillow inside. 
Fold raw sides inward and stitch together. You can do this with a sewing machine if your form doesn’t get in the way, or you can hand stitch this side. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, this will be the bottom of your pillow that no one will see as it’s sitting on a couch.That’s it! How easy was that?!
Now let’s make one with a zipper…You’ll want an invisible zipper which is just a zipper that hides the zipper teeth. Size will depend on the size of your pillow.
Place zipper upside down on top of one side of your fabric. Remember that this will be the bottom of the pillow so place according to fabric print. 
Sew zipper down. You can use a zipper foot on your sewing machine but it’s not necessary.  
Once zipper is sewn down, fold fabric down so that it looks like above.  
Now lay that piece on top of the other piece right sides together.Now sew the zipper down on the other side just like you did the first.
Now we’re going to sew the remaining three sides together. Make sure your zipper is halfway open (in the middle) so it stays out of the way of your machine and so you can open it. It is OK to sew over a plastic zipper so if you need to in order to make your case fit, that’s fine. 
Now your case should look like this. Turn inside out and place pillow inside for a fit check.
Now is the time to tighten the case if need be. Just put the case inside out again and sew more seams until case is snug. 
 When you get a good fit place pillow or form inside and zip up. You’re done!

Put those new pillows on your bed or couch and relax thinking about all the money you saved! ;D

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