How to make a chalkboard

Chalkboards can be pricey… but not if you make your own!
Most people have an ugly ol’ picture laying around and if you don’t you can get them at garage sales or thrift stores on the cheap!

ou need is:A framed picture you’re not afraid of covering up
Spray paint for the frame (mine was white)
Chalkboard spray paint… that’s it!

Here is the picture I started with.My mom regifted it to us after a neighbor gave it to her. It’s…um…not my style.
Take the glass out of the frame and clean it.
Set aide your frame and spray paint it. I put a canvas tarp underneath it to protect our garage floor.(I was killing 2 birds with 1 stone by painting a picture frame too)
spray a thin layer of chalkboard paint.Make sure you read the instructions carefully. Only use this in a well-ventilated area because it’s smelly
spray another layer. and another. and another.
I sprayed about 10 thin layers, each drying before the next.(I also made a mini-sized one for Sam’s room)
once dry, put frame on and hang!Don’t use for 24 hours and make sure you cover the whole board with the side of the chalk first so that you don’t get any burned-on images!

There you go- a big chalkboard for minimal cost 🙂

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