Homemade Valentines

For some reason I always manage to completely drop the ball on Christmas cards. Maybe all the frenzy of gift-searching and wrapping has something to do with it? But I try to send out cards for the holidays that often get left out, like Valentines day. This year’s card (above) cost me about 5 bucks total to make. I’m going to show you how simple it is to make personalized holiday photos.

The mess. What materials you use are completely up to you! To give you a starting point, here’s what I used:
5×6 white notecards $1.99 for a pack of 20 at MichaelsHeart holepunch $5.99 MichaelsBakers Twine in Pink and Red (already had, but you can purchase here for cheap! Marker in choice of color 5×7 Envelopes (already had but you can get them on the cheap at any craft store.)Washi Tape- For sealing the envelopes- Etsy has awesome ones or you can get them at craft stores. I got mine at Michael’s for I think $4.99 for a two-pack.Finally, you’ll need a great Valentines day- worthy photo on your computer. I used one I took of Sam last season in a rose field by our house.

I punched the heart holes on the top right and left of the notecards. You can do upside-down hearts by going from the top, or sideways hearts by going in from the sides. Then I just strung the pink and red bakers twine through and made a bow. Determine how long you want the bow to be. I also punched some pink and purple paper then used the little hearts in the holepunch chamber as “confetti” for the envelopes.

PicMonkey.com (formally picnik) is a GREAT online tool for editing and jazzing up pictures. Did I mention it’s FREE? You can upgrade to 5 bucks a month for extras, but it’s totally up to you. I used PicMonkey to brighten up the exposure and add text and a heart to the photo. Then I just uploaded the finished product to Walgreens.com and had them printed at my local store. They were ready in about 15 minutes and it cost around $3 for thirty 4×6 prints (look for coupon codes on the website before you get started- there is often one for 40% off.)

This is the card we sent out two years ago. I made it the exact same way. The instructions for this one can be found on my original blog here.

There you have it! Let me know if you make one and post about it so I can stop by and see it!

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