Glimpses of our life

You know those moments when you see something that you see everyday, but this time seems to trigger a feeling? I had that today when I saw my baby girl’s crib set up in our room.
I often joke that we can never have nice things or that our home is overrun with toys and these things are definitely true, but something about her crib sitting there made me realize this is our last baby.
This is the last crib we will buy. The last of the pacifiers. The last baby babble moments and the mama dadas.

Our master bedroom is filled to the brim right now with a king size bed, a crib and a big ol’ rocking chair. We have to tiptoe around stuff and suck in our guts to get by sometimes but it’s worth it. Because it’s also filled to the brim with love. As cheesy as that sounds, so much love in that room. If you follow my instagram or Facebook accounts you know that almost all the pcutres I snap of my babies are sitting on my big bed. Usually in just undies and a diaper. Laughing, snuggling, loving.

Soon I will miss that crib that is so inconveniently-placed and I will miss the rocking chair that squeaks so that every night I groggily say “ugh we forgot WD40 again.” I will miss it.

But not yet. For now it’s here to stay and I’m going to love this little glimpse of paradise.

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