Faux flower hairbows

I went a little nuts making these. They’re quick and beautiful and you really can’t mess up!
What you’ll need to make some! Synthetic silk fabric// Small beads// hot glue gun// hair elastics, clips or stretchy silk// scissors// tealight (or lighter but tea light is best.)Optional Materials: tulle// chiffon// lace// embellishments// green felt for leaves
The trick is in the heat! Cut circles of different sizes and rotate edges around tea light so that they curl up. This also keeps the fabric from fraying. After this, hold the piece of fabric over the heat and it will curl and shift making it look like a real flower petal. If you accidentally burn an edge, just cut that part off and re-curl. The circles do not have to be great- in fact wonky circles look better once curled.

See where the heat caused rippling? Once you’re done with all the layers you want, add a drop of hot glue to the middle (or side) of a layer and add another on top. repeat.
On the top (smallest) layer, add a dollop of hot glue and pour your beads on top. This will be the “pollen” in the flower. After about 2 minutes, tip flower over in your hand to collect the loose beads. Put those back in the tube. You should have a good amount of beads that stuck but if not just repeat that step.

I added a couple green felt leaves to mine and attached this one to stretchy lace in lieu of elastic. I just cut a piece and wrapped it around her head giving about an inch or two for growth. Stretchy material is forgiving and therefor easy to size.As a rule of thumb, keep larger flowers or flower clusters on a headband of some sort and attach smaller buds to barrettes. This flower above would be too big for a hair clip in my opinion.
I know I always say this, but these would make a great gift! Handmade gifts are always thoughtful and often money-savers as well. If you make some, link back here and let me know so I can pop over and see them! Happy gluing!

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