DIY Valentine Wreath

This post should be titled “improvising when you don’t have enough supplies” because that’s exactly what happened! I found this pink boa in the garage from my wedding shenanigans and thought it would make a cute valentines day wreath. So I snatched it up with an old Fourth of July wreath I had made that is now faded and gross (I live in Arizona). I quickly realized that this wreath was too large for one boa, as when I wrapped it around there were mucho bald spots. I originally planned to wrap it in tissue paper but then jumped ship for fabric instead.

 I took this smaller wreath I made last summer and repurposed it. It’s smaller and also sun-faded. I’ve learned that wreathes last about one season in Phoenix. I buy straw wreath forms at craft stores.

Found some pink rose fabric in my stash…

 I wrapped the wreath in strips of fabric. They can be any width but mine were 3.5 inches wide. Wider strips cover more space and save time but also can create more of a lip of fabric as it curves. Up to you- if you’re wrapping in boa anyway it doesn’t really matter

 I only had enough boa for half the wreath (still!) so I improvised by adding embellishments to the bare side. I made the glittery silk heart by doing this.

It’s a funky little wreath, but at least it’s festive! Smooch!  

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