DIY Unforgettable Business Cards

These are so fun, really inexpensive to make, and will ensure your card gets a second look. I bought a half yard of 10gauge clear vinyl from for $2.81 for a different project, but then got this crazy idea to make sewn biz cards with it. 
Supplies: 10 gauge clear vinyl// colorful thread// scissors// sewing machine// printer with ink OR business cardsOptional: Glitter// Tissue Paper (more on that later!)
 I made a bunch of different prototypes with the free photo editing site that will change your life (and whiten your teeth) once you start editing your photos with it. Photoshop who? It’s FREE.

 Cut your vinyl about half an inch larger than your card. This will give you wiggle room to sew.

 I added a sprinkle of glitter for added fun but this is optional. If you DO use glitter keep this in mind:
1. Only use chunky glitter- fine glitter or glitter dust will escape from the sewn edges and people don’t like getting glitter on their hands/face/eyes/you get the idea.
2. You’ll want to make sure the shards of glitter are laying flat before the lay the top piece of vinyl on. If not you’ll get little stick-up edges poking up. It won’t affect anything, but if you’re like me they’ll feel weird and drive you nuts.

Now get your colored thread. Don’t forget to thread the bobbin with the colored thread too. Otherwise when you flip the card over you’ll see white thread, not colored.

 Now lay top piece of vinyl on. It will stick to the other vinyl, trapping glitter inside and helping to “seal” it.

Just to give you a good report, I tried fine glitter and as I suspected it came out.

Okay, here’s the ONLY hard part with this project. The vinyl wants to stick to the machine making it difficult to sew. I found a little more success putting tissue paper underneath it. You could try layering it until it doesn’t stick, but don’t panic if your sewn lines look a little wonky- the card inside isn’t going anywhere and it just adds character 😉

After you sew with the tissue paper on bottom, just rip it off. It comes off clean leaving your vinyl intact.

Trim edges and you’re done! See how some of my lines look imperfect? I am giving up control on this one. If you have tips for getting it to not stick, let me know!

 Add glitter to the back for an extra dose of FAH-bulous.

Obviously these wouldn’t be ideal to make hundreds of, but if you’re doing an event where you’ll be passing out cards these are definitely going to be different than the other ones people collect. Have fun with this by doing different color threads, adding sequins… the possibilities are endless.
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