DIY Balloon Glitter Bowl

Have you seen this making its way around Pinterest?
If you’re like me, it’s pinned to your “To Do” board with a big fat exclamation point next to it!Well, I did it, and I’m not sure how I feel about the results.Here’s the process. I used both chunky glitter (the gold) like the example above, and ultra fine Martha Stewart glitter.Sorry for the crappy night photo- it’s from my instagram!
Okay guys, here’s the skinny: I had to do like a million applications just to get the bowl to stop from breaking apart when I popped the balloon (side note, I just typed “pooped the balloon”- ouch! Good thing I saw that.)I digress… I started with regular ModgePodge in glossy, then after no success I moved on to the hardening ModgePodge, which worked better but still not great.
Here are some shots of the ONE that worked out pretty well. It’s not awesome, but it does resemble a bowl. The chunky glitter was too heavy and although I do also have one of those that was salvageable, it looks like a droopy sad bowl unfit for photos :/ Wah Waaaahhhhhh

Here’s a shot of the inside/bottom. The silver lining of the flaws is that because the bowl is somewhat soft, it forms a flat bottom so it doesn’t roll around.

It’s soft enough that you could cut the top with scissors if you wanted it to be straight, but I liked the edges ridged. 
 Despite the problems, it’s a really inexpensive craft that you can make a lot of with the materials. And it’s easy enough that kids can make one with you. Maybe I will try it a couple more times with more coats…If you try this, my recommendation would be to use fine glitter and the hardening modge podge. And let me know so I can pop over and see it!
Happy crafting!

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