Corkboard Remix

I bought a cork board from Goodwill a long time ago for like, 2 bucks that was scribbled on and defaced. It must have belonged to a very dramatic teenage girl if I had to guess. Anywho, first I layered it with gold sparkle scrapbook paper, painted the Sharpie words away on the wood trim and used it as a jewelry holder. But then I made this new and improved solution for that, so now my cork board was free and available for a remix. Enter: Hot pink spray paint.

After my hot pink paint dried, I bought about five 24 packs of silver nail head pins at JoAnn’s and just stuck them along the sides to give it a fancier look. I love nailhead trim- whether you’re reupholstering a chair or a $2 cork board, it spruces things up on the cheap.

This is where it hangs in my home office. I haven’t filled it up yet with pictures of half-naked hotties inspirational quotes yet, so until then I have a poster up on it from Decorate Workshop, one of my fave decor books. Below it is a little sitting nook. I don’t actually read here, but I do park it on that chair to bug my husband when he is working from home at the desk on the other side.
Here’s a close up of the pillow on the chair. I realize this is totally off task from the cork board, but isn’t that fabric amazing!? I found it in my stash and whipped up this little pillow for the chair. Here’s a tutorial I did on DIY throw pillows for anyone who wants to make their own.
Guys, I’m telling you- spray paint! It changes everything for just a couple bucks. For the cork board I used neon pink (the kind you use for stenciling “garage sale” on cardboard and such..) I got it at Home Depot. 
More office reveal photos to come one it’s finished!

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