Christmas Fabric Banner

This year we’re doing red and sea foam. I like to mix it up each year instead of always doing the traditional red and dark green. I’m more a fan of lime green anyway!I made this fabric scrap banner in about 15 minutes and it’s so easy the kids can help. It’s a free (or really cheap) way to add a colorful impact because you can hang it anywhere!

All you need are:Bakers twine in desired lengthFabric scraps/stripsScissorsThat’s it!

Tie the scraps in the way above for the easiest drape. Create a loop at the top by folding the strip in half so you have two equal length sides. Place bakers twine (yarn, rope, whatever you’re using) just under loop then feed the two strips into the loop so it “grabs” the string. This way you can scoot the strip along as you go to fill emptier spaces. If all else fails, you could just tie them on with a regular knot. There’s no way to mess this up.
 Hang over the mantel, a window, over a mirror, under a shelf… wherever!
I used only colors in my scheme: red, sea foam, teal, white and lime. (Sparkly trees from Target $9.99 each, Metal “4” is thrifted)Merry Decorating!

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