Cheap Lovelies

 It’s no secret I love a bargain. Everything I buy is at a discounted price. From furniture to bags to jewelry, I rarely pay full price. To do this you have to know where to shop, or what to ask! Obviously you wouldn’t haggle at a department store, but you can almost always get a discounted price on something if there’s a small flaw, so always ask. If you feel silly just think of it this way: stores want to get rid of “damaged” merch. And often times its easily fixable or not noticeable at all. Also, always peruse the clearance section of a store. That’s where I find some of my most complimented items 😉
1. Target $1.20 each2. Target $1.00 each3. Steinmart $9.994. Target $3.00 5. JCrew $4.99 ( Burlington Coat Factory $9.997. Burlington Coat Factory $5.998. Rue21 $2.999. Bracelets made by me10. Michael Kors clutch (TJMaxx) $39.99 11. Michael Kors bag (Steinmart) $119.00I made this necklace holder out of a $1 corkboard from Goodwill that I painted black and glued gold glittered scrapbook paper to. I don’t know if it’s permanent yet but it suits me for now.The necklaces not listed are from Target, Kohls and Burlington- on sale of course!
So where’s your favorite place to find cheap lovelies?

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