Caramel apples & Paint samples

If you’re a craftaholic or decorator extraordinaire, you probably love color.I might be guilty of “borrowing” a few paint samples from my local Home Depot sometimes, but hey!- I buy stuff too! I probably keep their paint department in business with my color ADD!
If you’re also a member of Sample Takers Annonymous, here’s some really cool (cheap!) way to utilize them this Halloween ;D
 Grab some of the large 4-color samples in a Halloween hue like orange, and write a little festive message right on it with a black Sharpie. Punch a hole in left upper corner (where the Behr logo was) and loop string through. I used gray and white bakers twine and orange embroidery thread.Insert it into the envelope with a fun family photo like the one I took of Sam below.Make sure the envelope is at least 5×7. I found the cute “hello” stamp at JoAnn’s in the dollar bins.
Use small square paint samples as tags on caramel apples. Punch a hole in the same upper left corner and tie onto treat bag once caramel apple is inside and ready to be tied up.
Caramel apples are an easy treat to make even for kitchen novices like me, but here’s a rundown of how I made mine…

All you need are apples, Popsicle sticks, caramel cubes, black paper (for flags) treat bags, string, black Sharpie marker and paint samples.

Poke stick down into core of apples. Heat caramel in saucepan on stovetop or in a microwave safe bowl.Dip apples in caramel so all sides are covered evenly. Set aside on wax paper or tin foil coated in butter spray. Cut little strips of black paper and glue to stick. I cut the ends to make a little flag shape.

Wrap in a treat bag with your string and paint sample card and voila! Cute treat to pass out at work, to your kids’ teachers, your neighbors… whomever 🙂

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