50% Proceeds to St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Through Christmas, half of all proceeds from Little Ladies and Monsters pouches will be donated to St. Jude Children’s research hospital. I wanted to do something this year in the spirit of giving and get my four year old son involved. Since I’ve recently become a stay-at-home mom and money is tighter than before, the way we’re going to do this is through our children’s product proceeds.

Little Ladies pouches are the perfect size for small hands but at approximately 4″x7″ they’re also big enough for moms too. They would make super cute stocking stuffers, or even a unique way to give a gift card to a special girl or a favorite teacher.
 Monster pouches have a zipper mouth that opens to store toys, bagged snacks… whatever! Great for car rides or taking small toys/snacks on a plane.

Gratuitous instagram picture of my 5 month old baby girl Lola gnawing on her Little Ladies pouch! (Did I mention they’re machine-washable?) I use hers for storing small items like rattlers and pacifiers when we leave the house. Because of their flat shape they also slide easily into diaper bags.
So why St. Jude?St. Jude helps children with life-threatening diseases who are in need of serious medical care… at no cost to their families.“No family ever pays St. Jude for anything. Insurance coverage is not needed and is not a factor in accepting patients. If your child is accepted for admission and you do not have insurance, St. Jude will cover all treatment costs. If you have insurance, St. Jude will work with your health insurance and will cover all treatment costs not covered by your insurance.”–St.Jude’s Website
Click here to purchase product and help contribute to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.Thank you!

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